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Table Name Column Name Column Position Column Type Primary Key Unique Indexed Nullable Foreign Key
AddressType ID 1 SMALLINT Y Y Y
AddressType Name 2 VARCHAR
AddressType Description 3 NVARCHAR Y
Block ID 1 INT Y Y Y
Block Height 2 INT Y Y
Block PreviousBlockHash 3 BINARY
Block Hash 4 BINARY Y
Block BranchID 5 INT Y
Block Size 6 BIGINT
Block Nonce 7 BIGINT
Block TimeStampUnix 8 BIGINT
Block TimeStampUtc 9 DATETIME2
Block MerkleRoot 10 BINARY
Block Bits 11 BIGINT
Block Difficulty 12 REAL Y
Block Version 13 INT
Block TransactionCount 14 BIGINT
Block OutputsBTC 15 DECIMAL Y
Block RewardBTC 16 DECIMAL
Block FeesBTC 17 DECIMAL Y
Block RowState 18 SMALLINT
Branch ID 1 INT Y Y Y
Branch ForkHeight 2 INT
Branch TimeStampUnix 3 BIGINT
Branch TimeStampUtc 4 DATETIME2
Branch ParentBranchID 5 INT Y Branch.ID
Branch RowState 6 SMALLINT
OpCode Name 2 VARCHAR
OpCode Description 3 NVARCHAR Y
Script ID 1 BIGINT Y Y Y
Script ScriptType 2 SMALLINT
Script ScriptClass 3 SMALLINT
Script ScriptByteLength 4 INT Y
Script InstructionCount 5 INT
Script RowState 6 SMALLINT
ScriptClass ID 1 SMALLINT Y Y Y
ScriptClass Name 2 VARCHAR
ScriptClass Description 3 NVARCHAR Y
ScriptInstruction ID 1 BIGINT Y Y Y
ScriptInstruction ScriptID 2 BIGINT Y Script.ID
ScriptInstruction OpCode 3 SMALLINT
ScriptInstruction Index 4 INT Y
ScriptInstruction Valid 5 BIT
ScriptInstruction DataLE 6 VARBINARY Y
ScriptInstruction RowState 7 SMALLINT
ScriptType ID 1 SMALLINT Y Y Y
ScriptType Name 2 VARCHAR
ScriptType Description 3 NVARCHAR Y
sysdiagrams name 1 SYSNAME Y Y
sysdiagrams principal_id 2 INT Y Y
sysdiagrams diagram_id 3 INT Y Y Y
sysdiagrams version 4 INT Y
sysdiagrams definition 5 VARBINARY Y
Text ID 1 INT Y Y Y
Text Name 2 NVARCHAR Y Y
Text en 3 NVARCHAR Y
Text es 4 NVARCHAR Y
Text pt 5 NVARCHAR Y
Text zh 6 NVARCHAR Y
Text ar 7 NVARCHAR Y
Text ru 8 NVARCHAR Y
Text fr 9 NVARCHAR Y
Text mn 10 NVARCHAR Y
Text System 11 BIT
Transaction ID 1 BIGINT Y Y Y
Transaction BlockID 2 INT Y Block.ID
Transaction Index 3 BIGINT
Transaction TXID 4 BINARY Y
Transaction WTXID 5 BINARY
Transaction Size 6 BIGINT
Transaction InputCount 7 BIGINT
Transaction OutputCount 8 BIGINT
Transaction InputsBTC 9 DECIMAL Y
Transaction OutputsBTC 10 DECIMAL Y
Transaction FeeBTC 11 DECIMAL Y
Transaction LockTime 12 BIGINT
Transaction Version 13 INT
Transaction RowState 14 SMALLINT
TransactionInput ID 1 BIGINT Y Y Y
TransactionInput TransactionID 2 BIGINT Y Transaction.ID
TransactionInput Index 3 BIGINT
TransactionInput ScriptID 4 BIGINT Y Script.ID
TransactionInput WitScriptID 5 BIGINT Y Script.ID
TransactionInput OutpointTXID 6 BINARY
TransactionInput OutpointIndex 7 BIGINT
TransactionInput TransactionOutputID 8 BIGINT Y Y TransactionOutput.ID
TransactionInput Value 9 BIGINT Y
TransactionInput Sequence 10 BIGINT
TransactionInput RowState 11 SMALLINT
TransactionOutput ID 1 BIGINT Y Y Y
TransactionOutput TransactionID 2 BIGINT Y Transaction.ID
TransactionOutput Index 3 BIGINT
TransactionOutput ToAddressType 4 SMALLINT
TransactionOutput ToAddress 5 VARCHAR Y Y
TransactionOutput Value 6 BIGINT
TransactionOutput ScriptID 7 BIGINT Y Script.ID
TransactionOutput RowState 8 SMALLINT


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