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Sphere 10 Software is an Australian-based software development firm specializing in Blockchain development and Fintech consulting. Whether it’s Ethereum blockchain apps or a multi-currency exchange, we build quality systems and deliver faster and cheaper than our competitors.

Our History

For over 10 years, Sphere 10 Software has provided premier software development consulting to small, medium, large and government clients. From mobile apps to enterprise systems, we have shipped two of our own award-winning products and developed countless others for clients. We're a debt-free, lean and mean organization with powerful in-house libraries allowing us to rapidly assemble quality solutions for clients across multiple verticals.

With Blockchain, we now have the technology to dis-intermediate every aspect of the economy. Individuals can now economically interact with other individuals, collectives and even machines instantly, globally, pseudo-anonymously, arbitrarily and directly without any intermediaries!

Herman Schoenfeld, Sphere 10 Software, Director

Technologies we use


We build front-end and infrastructure solutions for anything blockchain. From transaction analytics tools to multi-currency exchanges, our expert developers can build and deliver your IP on-time and on-budget.
We build blockchain apps, smart contracts and Dapps using the Ethereum platform. Anything you can imagine, we can build. Ethereum offers a truly revolutionary, turing-complete, blockchain platform limited only by your imagination (and mathematics). Hundreds of Twitters, Facebooks and Google's will emerge from this space in due course. Is your idea one of the? Take Action Now and bring your concept to market, for the time has surely arrived!
As fintech experts, we can advise you on your blockchain strategy and technology road-map to make sure you're on the right track. We also provide presentations and training to get you and your staff up-to-date with the most cutting-edge concepts and technology in this space.

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