Unlock The Blockchain

BlockchainSQL Server gives you the blockchain as an SQL database.
Easily build your analytics and BI platform without ever worrying about protocols again.

BlockchainSQL Server

SQL Database

Get the entire blockchain as tightly optimized, performance-tuned SQL database


Easily scale out maintaining a single query endpoint


Updates automatically with latest blockchain data

Give your enterprise total blockchain awareness

All the data, all the time

  • Optmized

    Tightly optimised and performance-turned schema designed by experts

  • Multi-DBMS

    Supports SQL Server, Oracle, MySql and Sqlite (more planned)

  • Schema

    Tracks raw blockchain data like Blocks, Transactions, Inputs/Outputs, Scripts as well as computed data like difficulty, fee's, addresses, etc

  • Single-Server

    Run as a single server and query the database directly

  • Multi-Server

    Run as multiple autonomous databases with a single query endpoint that distributes load accordingly

  • Plug-n-Play

    Extensible architecture allowing you plug in your components

  • Pre-Processing

    Pre-process and transform data before it enters the database

  • Post-Processing

    Post-process and transform data after it enters the database

  • Source Code

    Source code options available

  • Software Vendors

    Easily integrate the blockchain into your product or service

  • Exchanges & Wallet Providers

    Easily track customer deposits and withdrawals with simple and fast SQL queries

  • Payment Processing

    Accept Bitcoin for goods and services without a payment gateway

  • Law Enforcement & Compliance

    Track money flows between wallets using standard or custom-built analytics software

Access the Bitcoin blockchain instantly via simple and fast SQL queries. No more daemon integrations or protocol bugs!

Available Solutions


Software you install and maintain on your hardware

one-off purchase

  • Single or enterprise licensing
  • Does NOT include SQL Server Licenses
  • Runs on Windows 8/10 Home/Pro
  • Runs on Windows Server 2016/2019


Server with preinstalled software

one-off purchase

  • Small form factor enterprise-grade server
  • HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus
  • High-performance SSD storage
  • Includes Windows Server 2019 license
  • Includes Microsoft SQL Server license



deposit + paid monthly

  • Single server setup
  • Hosted at Sphere 10
  • Managed service
  • 99% up-time guarantee


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